Friday, April 15, 2016

Tina LaRose: A drive to be the best for patients

As we get ready for the 2016 Employee Recognition Banquet on April 21, we asked our colleagues about what drives their passion for health care. Here is one story of Passion and Purpose at CoxHealth:

Tina LaRose,
CoxHealth Surgery Center

“You’re going to make a wonderful nurse someday.”

Those words spoken by a family member seemed to have had the power to set the direction of young Tina LaRose’s life. She had actually wanted to be an architect but when she walked into an operating room for the first time as a nursing student, Tina discovered her purpose in life.

“When I graduated and became a full-fledged nurse, the OR is where I went and I have been in the OR ever since. This is what gives me purpose, what gives me my drive to be the best for my patients,” says Tina, a charge nurse at the CoxHealth Surgery Center.

Tina has been at CoxHealth for 18 of her 40 years in nursing. Her passion is to use her skills and experience to reassure her patients that they are in good hands. She learned the importance of good communication to reduce anxiety when she was a patient herself.

“Even being the nurse, knowing that information that a lot of people don’t have from not being in the medical field, I was still frightened of what was going on,” says Tina. “And to have a good nurse to be there to support me and explain things to me so I wasn’t so frightened of what was going on, that is just awesome; to be that confident in your job and your ability to make a person feel they are going to be OK.”

Tina says her colleagues at the surgery center also drive her passion every day as she works alongside “the most extraordinarily talented people” she’s ever known.

“They are an awesome team here that works like a fine-oiled machine,” says Tina. “I am proud to be a surgical nurse and I am proud to be here at the surgery center.”