Friday, April 15, 2016

Debbie Wentler: a passion for women's health

As we get ready for the 2016 Employee Recognition Banquet on April 21, we asked our colleagues about what drives their passion for health care. Here is one story of Passion and Purpose at CoxHealth

Debbie Wentler,
Breast Care Clinic

Debbie Wentler knows the value of a great patient experience. In her world, making sure patients have a positive experience can save lives.

At CoxHealth’s Breast Care Clinic, where early detection is the name of the game, Debbie hears too often from patients who have delayed getting a mammogram because they had a bad experience in the past.

“I hate hearing that. Every patient I come into contact with, I have the ability to affect their future by the experience they have today. Just knowing I can affect whether that lady comes back next year, which could help us find a small cancer early, is really important to me.”

Debbie is driven daily by a passion for women’s health. Mammograms are an up close and personal exam, and if she can make a patient’s day better or a visit more comfortable, she will.

“It’s all about making this a good experience,” Debbie says. “It may be the 30th mammogram of the day for me, but it’s my patient’s first mammogram of the year. I make it my priority to ensure that from that day forward my patient won’t dread getting a mammogram.”

Debbie says providing a positive patient experience creates a ripple effect. If patients have a good experience, they’ll tell their friends – friends who will be more likely to get their own regular exams.

“When all is said and done, I want to feel like I’ve made a difference. Recently I had a patient who requested me specifically to do her exam. That made me feel good that I had done something right for her!”