Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Metal is latest focus of recycling efforts

As part of CoxHealth’s ongoing environmental efforts, metals are now among the items being recycled at Cox.

Large bins for metal were added to the waste disposal area at the back of Cox South in September, joining the bins for paper and pallets of cardboard set for recycling.

Dieter Reichmann, plant facilities coordinator in Engineering, says the department is already providing a steady stream of metal with leftover bits and pieces from construction projects throughout the system.

The excess metal comes from large and small projects alike. Reichmann points to a few dozen discarded fluorescent light fixtures sitting near the dock.

“We normally take this to the Dumpster, but if we’re careful we can just take the glass out and put the metal frames in the bin for recycling,” he says.

In addition to metal created by engineering and construction projects, the recycling efforts also include streams from food services (containers for canned food, for example). Soon, containers for aluminum cans will be placed on floors at Cox South.

The metal is being handled by Commercial Metals Company Recycling, a national firm with local offices. CMC picks up the full bins and hauls them away for sorting and processing.

“The good thing is, we don’t have to pay for stripping insulation off of wire and things like that,” Reichmann says. “They do all of that, do a tally at the end of the month and cut us a check.”

With metal recycling in place, efforts are now under way to develop plastic recycling in the near future.

CoxHealth celebrates Veterans Day

CoxHealth celebrated Veterans Day today by thanking employees who have served their country in the military.

A reception was held at Cox South to recognize active duty personnel, veterans of past wars and those who have served during times of peace. The system also recognized employees who have a spouse, son or daughter in the armed forces.

Employees representing all branches of the military stopped by the reception at Cox South to share stories of their service, including Tracy Mitchell, QRD performance improvement manager, who served in the U.S. Coast Guard from 1983-1988.

“Most people I work with are surprised I served in the military,” says Mitchell. “It’s important not to lose sight of the sacrifice people have made and are making for the security of our country.”

Dr. Martin Sellers, Cox College vice president of academic affairs, served as a Sergeant in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. Sellers appreciates Cox for taking time to honor employees for their military service.

“All of the achievements of our nation are due in part to the contributions made by people in the military,” says Sellers. “So many people have given their lives for their country. I can’t think of anything more honorable than that.”

“We wanted to thank our employees who have served their nation to keep us all safe and to protect our freedoms,” says veteran John Hursh, vice president of Human Resources. “We all owe them a debt of gratitude.”

“The number of CoxHealth employees who are also veterans is amazing,” says veteran Bob Bezanson, president and CEO, who served in the U.S. Air Force from 1970-1981. “We are proud to salute our veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice.”