Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Making a difference despite a fear of blood

Melody Luttrell always knew that she wanted to work in the medical field, but there was one small problem: a fear of blood. “I have a habit of fainting when people have to take my blood,” she says with a laugh. The issue eliminated some traditional career paths – but Luttrell has still found a way to make a difference (and remain conscious) from a desk as an office coordinator.

The 25-year-old actually applied to CoxHealth several times before being hired: But she really wanted to work for the health system, so she never gave up. “I’ve always really liked the care that people have here and the fact that everyone genuinely wants to help,” she says. “I really liked that warm, family environment.”

Her placement at the Center for Addictions especially resonates with Luttrell. “I don’t personally have a history with substance abuse, but I grew up with a mother formally an addict and have functioning alcoholics on both sides of my family,” she says. “Being able to help people make healthier decisions for themselves and their families means a lot to me, and I’ve enjoyed celebrating their victories, big and small.”

And even though she’s only been with CoxHealth for eight months, Luttrell has already seen those victories come through the door. “There’s one person who I didn’t recognize the second time I saw her because she had just gotten so much better,” she recalls. “It’s really nice to be able to see them want to change their lives. It’s rewarding to feel like I played a role in that.”