Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cox Medical Center Branson offers free pregnancy app

Pregnancies can bring joy and anticipation – and a whole lot of questions. For expecting parents, however, there’s a new resource that is as close as their phones: CoxHealth’s BabyBeginning smartphone app, a one-stop source for medically-founded information from conception to birth and beyond.


“Whether or not it’s their first time around, moms often have questions about the changes they’re experiencing,” says Dr. Staci Niemoth, medical director of Women’s Services at CoxHealth. “This app gives them vetted information that’s accessible at the touch of a button.”


The free app, which is available to all expecting parents, was made possible through a grant from Verizon. The app includes information on pregnancy, labor and newborn care. It also includes helpful animations and videos, an appointment tracker, a contraction timer and more.


All of the app’s offerings are prepared by medical professionals, and reflect the industry’s most recent standards and recommendations. The app also includes contact information for resources at Cox Medical Center Branson.


To access the app, click here or call 417-348-8313, option 5, for more information.


CoxHealth is also pleased to offer two eLearning tools to expectant and new mothers that are also made possible through a Verizon grant. These educational opportunities, like the BabyBeginning mobile app, are free of charge. 


The educational resources focus on pregnancy and childbirth and breastfeeding. They are available to anyone in the community by contacting Cox Medical Center Branson at 417-348-8313 to receive eLearning access codes. Then go to the Preparing for Baby page on at and look for the eLearning section.