Friday, June 10, 2016

A bouquet of Daisy-winning nurses

Six nurses and an entire department at CoxHealth were recently presented with Daisy Awards, celebrating them for extraordinary clinical skill and compassion. Check out our latest honorees below:

Labor and Delivery nurses, Cox Branson

Labor and Delivery nurses were awarded a Daisy Award for the care and compassion they showed to a patient during a difficult delivery process.

Tracey Williams, director of OB Women’s Services, recently received a letter from Love Basket Adoptions agency, expressing their gratitude for the kindness and compassion shown by OB staff during a recent delivery.

“Love Basket specifically mentioned Kylie Mathewson, Brittany Durrer, Mallory Machen, and Linda Robles and shared how much they appreciated the care these nurses provided,” Williams said. “Kylie and Brittany supported the young woman all day. While they were prepared for a cesarean delivery, Kylie and Brittany coached the patient through a vaginal delivery.”

After the patient delivered, Machen and Robles, who were the night shift nurses, stepped in and continued to provide compassionate and supportive care. “These nurses impacted the care and outcome for my client and forever will be remembered,” the letter from Love Basket stated.

Shandra Goldsmith, 800 Neuro/Ortho, Cox South

Shandra was nominated by a group of nurses for the care she delivered to a patient who was transferred into the unit. The patient had refused care in the past and had been described as “difficult to deal with.” Shandra stepped in, determined to give the patient a positive experience.

Her colleagues wrote: “Shandra made it a point to be in the room when he arrived to start off on the right foot. She was able to get the patient comfortable and she started a bond with him.

Over the next two weeks, she maintained that trust and became the advocate and mediator for him and really worked to get him to participate in physical and occupational therapies. She would call on her days off just to check on him. Shandra spent hours talking with other disciplines throughout the hospital to help him. When the time came for his discharge, she was at his side. The patient teared up and was thankful for all the support Shandra showed him during his stay. She turned a ‘difficult’ patient into a patient that everyone cried for at discharge.

Shandra does an amazing job and we are so thankful and honored to be working with such an extraordinary person. She is an inspiration for any nurse who steps onto this unit.”

Erin Steele, Cox North Emergency Department
Erin received a nomination from a fellow nurse for going above and beyond to care for a dementia patient who came to the ER. The patient was from Indiana and en route with family to Arizona when he experienced a psychiatric emergency. His family was unable to transport him and Erin worked past her normal shift to help make arrangements for the patient. 

Her fellow nurse wrote: “Erin used all resources possible to get the proper care for this patient during his hospital stay and after discharge. Erin showed heart and dedication in this situation.”

Mary Fox, 
Meyer Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Hospital

A patient nominated Mary for the compassion she showed to the patient’s daughter during a hospital stay. The patient had lost consciousness due to low blood volume and his daughter, who suffers from a severe anxiety disorder, witnessed the event. Mary made it her mission to make sure his daughter was OK.

The patient wrote: “Mary sought her out in the waiting room and spent considerable time with her. She took time to explain everything that was happening to me so my daughter could better grasp the situation. I cannot express how grateful I am for this extraordinary kindness extended to my family.”

Melissa Scott,
Stepdown, Cox Branson

Melissa Scott was nominated by a patient after demonstrating extraordinary critical thinking skills in an effort to provide exceptional care and comfort. The patient had experienced tightness in his chest.

“I was nauseated, disoriented and obviously having problems,” the patient wrote. “Melissa immediately took charge, calming me down and helping to stabilize me. Melissa was my nurse for one day, but she was my best friend that day, making me feel like I was her only patient.”

Marisa Crotty, Surgery, Cox Branson

Marisa Crotty was nominated for a Daisy Award by the daughter of a patient.

“I had many questions regarding my mom’s fractured hip,” the patient’s daughter explained. “When I approached Marisa, she addressed my concerns and was very informative. This was comforting. My main concern was to get my mom’s pain to a tolerable level. Marisa told me how she would address this and then followed through. She quickly earned my respect.”

Thresa Cowan, 400, Cox South

The family of a patient nominated Thresa for her efforts in making a wedding possible.

The patient’s wife wrote: “My late husband became very sick and was on the fourth floor. We decided to get married because we did not know if he would make it home. When Thresa found out, she came to talk about the wedding. The next thing I knew, she had arranged the chapel for us and she got someone to take pictures and have flowers.

The wedding went great and afterward she had the break room ready and set up with cake for a small reception.

It is people like her who make wonderful things happen. My husband did get to go home later that day and passed the next day.”