Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Partners Spirit honoree: Thresa Cowan

PARTNERS Spirit recognizes an employee, volunteer, physician or Cox College nursing student who has made a significant contribution to the benefit of CoxHealth, an individual or the community. PARTNERS behaviors generally demonstrate everyday excellence or exceed the employee's normal job duties.

Thresa Cowan, 400 E/W, Cox South

From the nomination: “Thresa had just completed her 12-hour shift and was walking out to her car. She was approached by some very distraught visitors in the Atrium. Their family member had been in a terrible accident and had been in the OR for more than three hours.

The family states they were told their loved one would probably not make it and they were even brought into the holding area to say their goodbyes. They stated that after waiting for what seemed like a long time, they saw Thresa and asked for help, and she spent 15-20 minutes with them calling around until she found that the patient had made it through OR and had been taken to the Neurotrauma unit.

Thresa then walked them to the unit and went in and found their family member and spoke with his nurse. She then came out to them and updated them that the nurse was getting him settled in from OR and would be out to speak with them as soon as possible. She then settled them in the waiting room before leaving to go home.

They said she did all this with a wonderful attitude and never let them believe they were a bother or inconvenience. The patient's sister was so impressed that she called me the very next morning to tell me how great and special Thresa was."