Thursday, September 3, 2015

Partners Spirit honoree: Courtney Gott

PARTNERS Spirit recognizes an employee, volunteer, physician or Cox College nursing student who has made a significant contribution to the benefit of CoxHealth, an individual or the community. PARTNERS behaviors generally demonstrate everyday excellence or exceed the employee's normal job duties.

Courtney Gott, Surgery, Springfield

From the nomination: “Over a weekend, one of our employees in Surgery had a medical emergency at her home. Courtney lives across the street and was summoned to the home where she found the spouse of her co-worker attempting to do CPR. Courtney took over and proceeded to do CPR for 30 minutes. She then began to talk other people through the process.

Paramedics arrived and the patient was transported to the hospital where she was in critical condition for days. Additionally, the patient/co-worker had custody of her three grandchildren, so Courtney rearranged her work schedule and took the children in and cared for them so her co-worker’s family could be at the hospital.

Courtney saw a need and stepped up to go the extra mile for a co-worker and her family!”