Monday, September 28, 2015

Cox Air Care participates in national safety drive

Cox Air Care recently participated in the 2015 Great American Safety Drive, helping host a Southwest Missouri stop on a national tour that promotes safety for air evac, medical transport and other public service staff members. Air Care partnered with Mercy Lifeline and the Christian County Ambulance District for a day of safety education for local fire and rescue and EMS teams.

More than 50 area professionals attended the event, which included presentations on safety issues such as the dangers that drones pose to helicopters and the challenges of maintaining personal safety when dealing with irate patients or citizens.

The event was one of several stops on the national Great American Safety Drive, which raises money for the MedEvac Foundation. The foundation funds ongoing research and provides support for families who have lost a loved one in an accident. The drive includes two custom cars that are traveling to safety events nationwide.

The southwest Missouri event featured a 2015 Camaro donated for the annual drive. Participants in the event were able to purchase raffle tickets to win one of the cars, which will be given away at the 2015 Air Medical Transport Conference in Long Beach, Calif., in October.