Thursday, November 5, 2015

Partners Spirit honoree: Misty Denevan

PARTNERS Spirit recognizes an employee, volunteer, physician or Cox College nursing student who has made a significant contribution to the benefit of CoxHealth, an individual or the community. PARTNERS behaviors generally demonstrate everyday excellence or exceed the employee's normal job duties.

Misty Denevan, Branson ED
From the nomination: “Misty was on her way to the airport to travel to a conference when she saw a huge car crash. No firefighters, EMS, or police had arrived on the scene yet. There were bystanders there trying to break into a car that was on fire.

She responded to the scene and was able to get into one of the vehicles where she found a very elderly gentleman with obvious injuries: fractures, blood on his swollen face and legs pinned. He was holding his side and she was concerned about his spleen, ribs, and lungs.

She was able to reassure him and found out his name. She secured what she could, and held c-spine until EMS arrived. He looked at her and asked if he was going to die. She assured him that he was going to be taken care of by some amazing staff.”