Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Meet our latest Daisy award-winning nurses

Three nurses at CoxHealth were recently presented the DAISY Award in Springfield, celebrating them for extraordinary clinical skill and compassion.

Cynthia Myler, 700 East
Cynthia was nominated by fellow nurse Ashley Lacea. Ashley wrote: “Cynthia is one of the hardest working, caring and dedicated individuals I have ever met. She goes above and beyond and gives 110 percent in everything she does.”

Recently a patient had been involved in a shooting and was concerned about her safety and the safety of her family. This patient received discharge orders well before she was ready. Cynthia worked with Case Management to postpone the discharge. She also worked with social workers and the facility that the patient was to discharge to, to get the therapies at that facility to come to the hospital to work with the patient.

This was very important to Cynthia due to the sensitivity of the situation. This patient has since been discharged and is doing well, thanks in part to the care Cynthia provided.

Sheila Lander, Same Day Surgery
Sheila was nominated by fellow nurse Lynn Rossner, who wrote: “Sheila always displays a positive, caring attitude toward others. Her patients have her undivided attention and leave feeling well cared for with the knowledge to continue that care at home.”

One example of her devotion was with a homeless patient she cared for. After many phone calls to arrange transportation and a place for him to stay, she noticed he left his pain prescription lying on the bedside table.

After many unsuccessful calls to get the medication delivered to him that day, Sheila drove across town to deliver the needed medication after working a busy 12-hour shift.

“Sheila demonstrates this kindness toward all she comes in contact with. She is a proud employee of 41 years and portrays the mission, vision and values of CoxHealth.”

Melissa McCarty-Clark, 500 West
Melissa was nominated by the family of a patient who was facing complications from cancer. The family wrote: “Melissa is one of those people you automatically like. She was so attentive and caring. Every time she came on, she greeted him with a ‘Hello, handsome.’ My uncle, who was meticulous about his looks, had lost his hair from chemo and this meant a lot to him.

“One night when he was in pain, she came in to give him his meds while talking softly to him and comforting him. We realized she was crying. It is so nice to see a nurse with heart. She is truly amazing. You’ve got a very special nurse there!”