Tuesday, August 2, 2016

CoxHealth adds 22 physicians in August

CoxHealth is growing: In August, 22 new physicians will join the health system:

  • Dr. Rachel Archer, Family Medical Care Center
  • Dr. Justice Arhinful, Springfield Inpatient Physicians
  • Dr. Cesar Artiles, Ferrell-Duncan Clinic Pulmonology (Branson)
  • Dr. Scott Ballmann, Ferrell-Duncan Clinic OBGYN
  • Dr. Michelle Davis, CoxHealth Pediatric Center
  • Dr. Sridevi Durga, Ferrell-Duncan Clinic Cardiology
  • Dr. Uma Edupuganti, Ferrell-Duncan Clinic Pulmonology
  • Dr. Melissa Gaines, Cox Senior Health Center South
  • Dr. John Garner, Ferrell-Duncan Clinic Cardiology
  • Dr. Sarah Hossain, Ferrell-Duncan Clinic Gastroenterology
  • Dr. Dayna Jett, Cox Family Medicine Residency
  • Dr. David Lemons, CoxHealth Cardiology (Branson)
  • Dr. Robbie Mangalasseril, CoxHealth Cardiology (Branson)
  • Dr. Srikant Nannapaneni, Ferrell-Duncan Clinic Hematology/Oncology
  • Dr. Justin Nowlin, Family Practice & Obstetrics of Monett
  • Dr. Jaclyn Pohlers, CoxHealth Center Republic
  • Dr. Khushbu Shukla, CoxHealth Newborn Medicine Specialists
  • Dr. Jessica Standeford, Cox Family Medicine Residency
  • Dr. Mehdi Tajouri, Springfield Inpatient Physicians
  • Dr. Sangita Trivedi, Pediatric Critical Care & Pediatric Sleep Center
  • Dr. Joy Wen, CoxHealth Newborn Medicine Specialists
  • Dr. Carrisann Woods, CoxHealth Women’s Center (Branson)


To find a provider, call 417-269-INFO or visit coxhealth.com.