Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Meet Your Trainer: Nate Manus

Nate Manus is a fitness assistant and personal trainer at CoxHealth Fitness Center Branson
Nate Manus graduated from College of the Ozarks last May and soon after joined CoxHealth Fitness Center Branson as a fitness assistant and personal trainer.

“I have always wanted to help people,” Nate explained. “When I first started classes at C of O, I was focused on PreMed.”

When Nate was introduced to physical education opportunities, he quickly found an area that combined his passion for helping people with his passion for fitness.

“I really, really enjoy what I do,” Nate said. “As a personal trainer, I’m able to build relationships with our members and work with them so that they feel better and are able to enjoy life more. They might not always enjoy the workout, but in the end, they always feel better.”

Nate said the first thing he does when he meets a new client is find out about their goals.

“My goal is to help them reach their goals,” he said. “I’ll customize a workout and I talk to them about diet and nutrition.”

In addition to offering personal training, you can also find Nate teaching classes at the fitness center. 

For more information about CoxHealth Fitness Center Branson or to schedule an appointment with Nate, call 348-0060.