Friday, January 8, 2016

Local residents use time and talent to support CoxHealth Women’s Center Branson

CoxHealth Mammography Technologist Rachel Morgan, left, and Ultrasound Tech Teresa Fears, right, accepts a mural and $700 check from Kelly Stuart, Lisa Blevins and John Morgan.

As a young boy, John Morgan learned to fold gum wrappers into bracelets. Over the years, he’s continued to use this technique to make unique gifts, but it wasn’t until 2015 that he began turning the bracelets into more than art.

In 2015, Morgan, along with his co-workers, Lisa Blevins, Kelly Stuart and Shelby Simon, cut and folded thousands of tiny pieces of paper into breast cancer awareness bracelets. They then sold the bracelets to raise money for CoxHealth Women’s Center Branson.

“My best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and I told John I wanted to do something,” explained Blevins. “John came up with this idea.”

Morgan paid to have 2,000 color pages printed and on each page were 18 small blocks, and each block contained a pink ribbon. Together, the co-workers turned block after block into bracelets, eventually raising $700. They also created a 20-inch by 32-inch piece of wall art using the same folding technique. The co-workers recently presented the art, which Morgan named “With Love and Hope,” to the women’s center. Money raised from the bracelet sales were donated to Skaggs Foundation and will be used to help local women who could not otherwise afford breast health services at the women’s center.

“We started this project last January and each bracelet takes about an hour to make,” Morgan said. “We all worked on it together and it’s been a lot of fun.”

They plan to continue to make more bracelets, selling each one for a $5 donation.

“This is something that is dear to my heart,” Blevins said.

The money raised will be used to assist CoxHealth Women’s Center Branson patients who otherwise could not afford breast cancer testing.

“We are very grateful to John, Lisa, Kelly and Shelby,” said Rachel Morgan, mammography technologist. “This gift is more than simply a check. It represents hours of their time and talent and for the women who couldn’t otherwise afford testing, these funds mean so much.” 

To purchase a breast cancer awareness bracelet, contact John Morgan at
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