Monday, October 5, 2015

We're taking charge: Cindy Shelley's story

Cindy Shelley can’t look back at her battle with breast cancer and talk about it.

She can’t look back because she’s in the middle of it.

Life was different for Cindy Shelley just a month ago. The nearly 21-year CoxHealth employee was planning to go on a retreat with her church at the end of the month, do some dog sitting and spend time working with fibers – a hobby that’s made her a tie-dye expert. Just look at her socks, which sport a colorful combination of blue, green and pink hues.

Four weeks ago, however, was before Cindy’s annual mammogram – an appointment which caused a change in plan. “They called me saying they found something suspicious,” says Cindy. That phone call began a series of events: A biopsy and MRI revealed “more cancer in there than they originally thought,” says Cindy. And to combat that cancer, Cindy is undergoing a mastectomy today.
But despite the unknown, Cindy has peace. “I’m very much into prayer and I believe God is in control no matter what happens,” says Cindy. And when it comes to dealing with everyday life, “just take one day at a time,” says Cindy. “That’s pretty much my attitude.”

For Cindy, her diagnosis was a complete surprise – and that’s why she says mammograms are crucial. “I feel fine,” she says, and notes there isn’t a history of cancer in her family. Even a physical with her primary care physician shortly before her mammogram didn’t reveal any cause for concern.

“There was no warning that this is going on inside of me,” says Cindy. For her, it was that mammogram that made the difference. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have ever known.”

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