Monday, July 21, 2014

Series reaches out to local leaders

CoxHealth is stepping up our efforts to reach out to local business leaders with the expansion of our “Get Connected” meeting series.

This series is exactly what it sounds like: an opportunity for CoxHealth to get connected and engage with our community. As the only not-for-profit health system based in Springfield, CoxHealth strives to be a community leader. Part of that effort includes communicating directly with community members and leaders, to keep everyone informed about happenings at CoxHealth and to seek their feedback.

We want to build relationships so leaders understand how CoxHealth serves our community and how we can work with them to improve the health of our region.

We held the first Get Connected meeting for community leaders on Wednesday, April 16, at the Meyer Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Hospital (above). More than 60 leaders joined us to hear president and CEO Steve Edwards discuss the state of health care. Steve discussed both the national picture of health care and the specific struggles and successes we’ve seen here at CoxHealth.

After the meeting, we surveyed participants and had overwhelmingly positive responses. Leaders felt the meeting served an important need to connect, and they shared some topics they want to hear about in the future, including how the Affordable Care Act will affect local institutions.

This month, we are preparing for the second meeting in the series on July 22. At that event, Steve will lead a visit to the Cox South ER and share with our guests how we care for the whole patient at our Level 1 Trauma Center. Also, he will discuss with this group cost savings associated with accessing care appropriately.

The Get Connected leader series will continue on a quarterly basis with content designed to address the issues that are most important to our community leaders. Plans for future events include the unveiling of the new patient tower as well as visits to our other campuses.

The Get Connected leadership series is just another way CoxHealth is working to reach out and show leaders how we are working to be their health care community partner, providing world-class care, with local control.

Engaging with our community
The Get Connected series for community leaders is the latest chapter in an effort by the CoxHealth Network to engage the public on issues related to community health. Health- and wellness-focused public events began in 2012, and in 2013 the series brought “Blue Zones” author Dan Buettner to speak about ways we can build a healthier city.

In the months after Buettner’s visit, the Get Connected: Healthy Community series highlighted each of the nine keys to longevity outlined in “Blue Zones.” CoxHealth also provided resources such as Sample Saturdays (free exercise classes for the community) and corporate challenges for area employers to take an active role in engaging their workforce in health and wellness initiatives. This series has continued to be a popular meeting for leaders to hear from CoxHealth about how their organizations can push for changes at the individual, company, city and regional level.

The Get Connected: Healthy Community series will continue to meet on a quarterly basis to work with local employers on empowering their workforce to live healthy lifestyles.