Monday, July 14, 2014

CoxHealth Young Professionals donate box fans to Missouri Hotel

Teresa Coyan, Corporate Communications, and Kate Manes, Human Resources, are members of the CoxHealth Young Professionals group that donated fans to the Missouri Hotel. 

Members of the CoxHealth Young Professionals saw a news story recently about a need for box fans this summer at the Missouri Hotel, a shelter for homeless men, women and children in Springfield. Of the approximately 200 residents, 68 of them are children. The Missouri Hotel does not have air conditioning and the heat of the summer can become unbearable for residents. 

When CYP heard of this need, the group decided to host a special drive to donate several fans for residents. Thanks to each member that contributed, CYP provided the hotel with 18 fans!

CoxHealth Young Professionals (CYP) is a group with a mission to attract, retain and engage young health care professionals at CoxHealth, both clinical and non-clinical, age 25-40, through professional development, education and networking opportunities.