Friday, June 27, 2014

2014 Fall Fest at Silver Dollar City FAQ

CoxHealth employees are headed back to Silver Dollar City in September for the 2014 edition of the CoxHealth Annual Fall Fest. Here are a few questions and answers about CoxHealth's employee event at the park:

When is the event?

Our annual Fall Fest will be held September 6, 2014.

What does the CoxHealth Annual Fall Fest at Silver Dollar City include?

· Full day’s admission to the park.

· Exclusive ride time in the park from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. and again after the park closes from 6 to 10 p.m.
· Discounts on food and refreshments. A discount list will be provided at a later time. 

· Trams will start running at 7:15 a.m. Breakfast will be offered at a reduced price at Molly’s Mill for those who want to come early. The restaurant will begin serving at 8 a.m. 

· Bingo scheduled for various times throughout the day at the Opera House. 

Who can I bring with me? 

All CoxHealth employees, including contracted employees (Crothall, Cerner, etc.) from all campuses and affiliates will be provided tickets and wristbands for themselves and their immediate family members. If your family member meets the criteria as a dependent for health insurance, you may receive a ticket and wristband for them. Immediate family members are defined as those who could be or are dependents on our health insurance plan. You don’t have to be enrolled in the health insurance plan; we are using the same definition of eligible dependent. 

· Eligible dependents would be a spouse, unmarried dependent under age 26 and legal dependents (disabled adult child, foster child, etc).There will be no exceptions. 

· Employees may bring extended family members or other guests by purchasing extra tickets and wristbands at the significantly reduced rate of $25 per guest. Be watching Connect Daily for more information about the sale of these extra Silver Dollar City tickets/wristbands for guests.

What must I have to enter the SDC park on September 6?

· CoxHealth employees and their guests will be provided their ticket and wristband before September 6 and the ticket needs to be presented when you arrive on September 6.

· The ticket must be presented for admission to the park.

· The wristband must be worn to enjoy the exclusive ride times and to obtain the vendor discounts. 

· You will not need a photo ID to enter the park, only the ticket and wristband.

· Tickets and wristbands will not be provided the day of the event. Once you receive your tickets and wristbands, please put them in a safe place so you’ll have them on the day of the event. 

When will I receive my free tickets?

This year we will be using Survey Gizmo to ask you directly how many tickets you are eligible to receive. If you do not have email access, we will get the information from your direct supervisor. 

We will then create individual ticket packets for every employee based on the information provided. When the packets are ready, managers may pick up their employees’ packets in HR. Additionally, we will arrange direct distribution for specific areas. 

Remember, once you receive your ticket packet, be sure to keep the tickets and wristbands in a safe place. We cannot replace lost or stolen tickets or wristbands. 

When will the guest tickets go on sale? 

We will announce the beginning date very soon. Tickets are will be on sale in the gift shops at South, MORH and North. Hours will vary at the different locations. Tickets will be sold until the end of business on September 4. 

Do I need to show my badge to purchase tickets?

Yes, you must show your badge to purchase extra tickets in the gift shop. CoxHealth has been provided a great price on the SDC guest tickets so we need to do our part to be sure tickets are not made available to the general public. Tickets are available for purchase exclusively for CoxHealth employees. 

Can I use payroll deduct to buy tickets?

Payroll deduction will be an option with the same guidelines as any other gift shop purchase. 

What if I am scheduled to work on September 6?

Employees working during the 24-hour period of September 6 will be provided tickets for themselves and eligible family members to be used by October 5. Distribution of tickets for post-event admission will begin September 8 after confirming that the employees reported for their shift on September 6. Employees attending after September 6, but before October 5 will not need wristbands because the discounts and exclusive ride times will not be in effect.

If I am working September 6, will I get a free lunch?

Because of the nature of the SDC event, we will not offer a free meal to working employees this year. Unlike previous years, those working on September 6 will have the opportunity to attend SDC to make up for missing the event. 

What happens if I forget my ticket or wristband?

If an employee arrives at SDC on September 6 without a ticket or wristband, SDC will expect payment at full ticket price for park entry. Without the wristband, you will not be able to enjoy the discounts or the exclusive ride times. There will be no exceptions.

What if I am not able to attend on September 6?

The September 6 date is our annual Fall Fest, offering an opportunity for all CoxHealth employees to enjoy a day at the park to visit, ride, and dine with family and friends. It is intended to be an event, not simply a free pass for admission to Silver Dollar City. Therefore, if you are unable to attend for reasons other than working at CoxHealth that day, we will not provide tickets for another day. 

As with the traditional Fall Fest event at the Expo Center, there wasn’t a make-up date for those unable to attend. As indicated above, we are able to provide a second chance for those employees who must work on the day of the event so those who work on the 6th will be able to obtain a pass on September 8 to be used by October 5, 2014.

What if I already have a season pass?

Employees who have season passes will need the wristband to be eligible for discounts and exclusive ride times. Please notify your manager that you only need the wristband. 

During our event on September 6, using the pass that CoxHealth provides, Silver Dollar City is offering CoxHealth employees the opportunity to upgrade to a season pass for the remainder of the 2014 season for the price of $30.00. This offer is available only on September 6. 

What if my guest already has a season pass?

You will need to purchase a wristband to take advantage of the exclusive ride time and the food discounts offered throughout the park. The price is $25.00 regardless if they need the admission ticket and wristband or just wristband. 

Can we bring food into the park?

Silver Dollar City allows park guests to bring their own food and small coolers into the park. The parks asks that large coolers be kept in vehicles and allows guests to go back to their car to retrieve their food. Many people put food in backpacks and bring them into the park which would work for many us during our event.