Monday, January 20, 2014

Studer Group names Cox Monett its Organization of the Month

Leaders and staff at Cox Monett celebrated the recognition at a special event on Thursday, Jan. 9.

Cox Monett Hospital has been selected as the HealthCare Organization of the Month by The Studer Group. Studer Group is an outcomes firm that implements evidence-based leadership systems that help hundreds of organizations attain and sustain outstanding results. Studer Group is devoted to teaching evidence-based tools and processes that organizations can use to create and sustain outcomes in clinical, operational and services excellence.

The Healthcare Organization of the Month Award is a distinguished honor that Studer Group bestows upon hospitals. Each recipient is considered a Fire Starter hospital—which is one that keeps the true essence of the organization alive and flourishing. Fire Starters ignite the flame of service and caring for others that guides and supports the organization and results in measurable positive outcomes.

“Cox Monett Hospital’s journey with Studer Group began in October 2012,” said Genny Maroc, CoxHealth VP of Clinical Services and president of Cox Monett Hospital. “We started the process of building our culture of excellence around five pillars—People, Business, Quality, Service and Community. We met with our team leaders and explained to them Studer Group principles and started the process of hardwiring the tools for excellence,” said Maroc.

The tools for excellence included “hardwiring” best practices such as AIDET (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation and Thank You), hourly nurse rounding, leadership rounding and quarterly employee forums.

“From previous experience, I knew the impact Studer Group and its evidence-based tools could have, and I wanted it for our wonderful staff and physicians so we could create that culture of excellence and accountability to achieve the results that I knew we were capable of,” added Maroc.

Among the achievements that Studer Group noted as reasons for selecting Cox Monett are: inpatient satisfaction rating at the 99th percentile, 30 percent reduction in surgical site infections, 50 percent reduction in inpatient and outpatient falls combined, 12.2 percent improvement in composite Core Measures score, 37 percent improvement in pneumonia score, 227 days since the last outpatient fall and 628 days since the last Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI).

“Our employees, physicians and volunteers are a shining example of Studer Group principles—they are highly engaged and 100 percent focused on safe and positive outcomes for our patients. We are honored to be named Healthcare Organization of the Month by Studer Group,” said Maroc.