Thursday, May 28, 2015

Proud to work at CoxHealth: Steven Boynton

Earlier this year, we asked staff members to tell us why they were proud to be part of CoxHealth and the response was overwhelming. We’re featuring a few of the best stories in CoxHealth Connection and here on the blog.

Steven Boynton, Meyer Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Hospital

Steven Boynton says working alongside the team at Meyer Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Hospital gives him reason to be proud every day.

Boynton recalls a recent morning when he had a patient with a unique set of complications that were requiring a lot of his time. He wasn’t behind schedule yet, but he knew that it was a risk.

That’s when two colleagues stepped in to offer their support and make sure he was supported and that all the unit’s patients were cared for.

“Before we even get into a problem, (nurse) Kenna Bishop came up and asked, ‘What can I do to help you out? Can I take one of your patients off your hands?’” Boynton says. “You expect small things from your co-workers, but when a nurse offers to take patients off your hands, it’s like, ‘Wow, this is someone who’s going above and beyond to help me.’”

Meanwhile, assistant nurse manager Jamie Trythall stepped in to assist with the morning’s medication pass, making sure that everything stayed on schedule.

“I wasn’t even asking for help yet, but they’re in there. They have your back, they’re like buddies in a foxhole.”

That camaraderie is a big part of what makes Boynton proud to work at CoxHealth.

“When I drive to work in the morning, I know that I’m going to be taken care of and they’ll cheerfully support me. I’m there for them as well – it’s like we have the 15 musketeers here.”

The team at the orthopedic hospital has made for a great start to a new career for Boynton. His role on the unit was his first job out of nursing school.

After he served in the Marine Corps, Boynton and his wife moved from California to be closer to family. That’s when he decided to re-train as a nurse. He received an Auxiliary scholarship to attend Cox College in exchange for committing to three years working with CoxHealth. He finished those three years in December, and he says that’s just the beginning of his career.

“I’m very happy with my employment – I’m so happy I’ve tried to make myself a more useful asset. I’ve gone on to get my basic and advanced life support certifications and an NIHSS stroke certification and I recently became board certified in med-surg nursing,” he says. “I’m trying to pay back some of what CoxHealth was so generous to give to me.”

Boynton says his colleagues and leaders like nurse manager Becky Fisher have created an atmosphere of teamwork and cheerful support that is a big part of the unit’s high performance.

“You hear horror stories about nursing, but you’re not going to hear those here. That’s why I’m proud to work at CoxHealth.”