Thursday, January 15, 2015

CoxHealth reminds patients and visitors that the use of e-cigarettes is prohibited on its campuses

CoxHealth is committed to the wellness of our community and for that reason smoking by patients, visitors and staff is prohibited on all CoxHealth campuses.

While e-cigarette manufacturers market the convenience of using their product anywhere, CoxHealth reminds its patients, visitors and staff that CoxHealth policies prohibit the use of all tobacco products on its campuses, including the use of electronic nicotine delivery devices.

Glenda Miller, CoxHealth Cardiovascular Services, explains that the long-term health risks of electronic nicotine products are unknown.

“Their content is unregulated and they are not a proven safe alternative to smoking,” she says. “No scientific evidence at this time has shown that they are an acceptable form of tobacco-cessation therapy.”

Additionally, there are reports nationally and locally of people being injured and fires resulting from these devices.

“Another concern we have at CoxHealth is the potential for these types of products to cause false fire alarms,” says Steve Dodds, safety officer at CoxHealth. “We’ve already experienced this once when the vapor from an e-cigarette set off a false fire alarm at Cox Medical Center South. The use of these products in our facilities places the safety of our patients, visitors and staff at risk.”

CoxHealth is committed to providing an environment that promotes health and well-being and appreciates its patients and visitors for adhering to the tobacco-free policy.