Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Two Missouri healthcare leaders partner to provide a new Medicare plan in southwest Missouri

Two of Missouri’s most trusted names in health care, CoxHealth and Essence Healthcare, have partnered to bring comprehensive, affordable coverage to more than 87,000 Medicare beneficiaries in Christian, Greene, Stone and Taney counties through a new Medicare plan called CoxHealth MedicarePlus.

CoxHealth MedicarePlus was carefully designed to solve a growing problem for southwest Missouri’s Medicare recipients: health care costs are on the rise. With the rising costs, many people with Medicare are being forced to dip further into their savings and retirement to cover their health care expenses. Some are even forgoing taking medications they need to stay healthy.

CoxHealth MedicarePlus is able to offer better, more affordable health care coverage by taking a new approach, originated by Essence Healthcare that brings doctors and insurance companies together to collaborate on ways to improve the cost and quality of care.

“Medicare Advantage plans are a popular option among Medicare recipients who want a simpler way to get the comprehensive coverage they need and also want to lower their out-of-pocket costs,” says Steve Edwards, CEO and President, CoxHealth. "We are excited to extend our comprehensive and quality health care services into a single Medicare Advantage plan, CoxHealth MedicarePlus."

“Through this collaboration, we are able to offer coverage and protection that traditional Medicare plans cannot,” said Richard Jones, CEO of Essence Healthcare. “We are not only providing comprehensive health coverage, but also important financial protection that shields people from the rising costs of health care. We believe CoxHealth MedicarePlus will bring much needed security and peace of mind to people with Medicare in the Springfield/Branson area.”

By working together to improve cost and quality for Missouri’s Medicare patients, CoxHealth MedicarePlus can specifically address the rising cost of health care by providing benefits traditional Medicare plan cannot. These benefits include:

Medicare parts A, B and D
CoxHealth MedicarePlus helps people with Medicare simplify and save by bundling medical, hospital and prescription drug coverage together in one plan.

Extra benefits
In most Medicare plans, valuable extras like dental and vision coverage are not provided. CoxHealth MedicarePlus offers those extras free of charge, and includes free health club memberships to keep members healthy and active.

$0 Premiums
CoxHealth MedicarePlus is a $0 premium plan that allows members to forgo high monthly payments. Plan members won’t pay any additional premium above and beyond the Part B premium they currently pay.

Maximum out-of-pocket protection
CoxHealth MedicarePlus protects people’s savings and retirement by limiting the total amount patients have to pay out of their own pocket for medical services each year regardless of sickness or injury, important protection not offered by traditional Medicare plans.

Access to Great Doctors and Hospitals
Members of the CoxHealth MedicarePlus plan will be cared for by the high quality doctors, nurses and hospitals of CoxHealth.

“We have seen the benefits of similar plans really impact the quality of life for Medicare patients in the St. Louis area,” said Jones. “We’re thrilled to work with CoxHealth to bring that same patient-centric model to southwest Missouri.”

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