Thursday, August 14, 2014

Retired CoxHealth cell phones benefit The Victim Center

CoxHealth has donated 190 gently used cell phones and several phone accessories to The Victim Center in Springfield. The cell phones are de-activated and only able to dial 911 when charged. This is another example of how the community-based health care system supports local organizations that provide a positive impact on lives in the community.

The Victim Center can help save lives thanks to reconditioned cell phones.

“It is common for abusers to use isolation tactics as a way to gain power and control over their victims,” explains Brandi Bartel, executive director of The Victim Center. “Frequently, this means that a victim of violence does not have access to a phone or other method for seeking help in an emergency. In response to this need, The Victim Center collects unwanted and de-activated cell phones to give to victims so they can at least call 911 when their safety is threatened.”

Yvette Williams, System Director of Corporate Communications, CoxHealth (above), says, “CoxHealth is a leader in civic responsibility, supporting the work of fellow local not-for-profit organizations. Throughout the year, our employees donate school supplies, canned food, diapers, and much more to assist area agencies that help our community members. Connecting the dots by giving new life to retired equipment, such as cell phones and computers, is just another way we work with area organizations to benefit our community.”

“Over the years we have collected gently used cell phones in our communications department,” explains Brandi Wasson, customer services representative, Si3 (top photo). “Cell phones are replaced at CoxHealth for a number of reasons, newer models, and department needs. At one time, we would sell the phones to a company for $5 or less per phone, but now we know these reconditioned phones are going to help a great organization right here in Springfield.”