Friday, April 11, 2014

2014 recognition: Meet our Prestigious Partners

For the employees at CoxHealth, health care is more than a career, it is a calling – to help people when they need it most; to serve our community.

On Thursday, April 17, CoxHealth will host the annual Employee Recognition Banquet, which gathers staff members celebrating key anniversaries for an evening of recognition and fellowship. But the banquet doesn’t simply honor years of service – it celebrates the work we all do every day. The banquet honors our Prestigious Partners and Daisy Award winners as examples of the outstanding things done by the more than 1,000 employees we are recognizing this year.

Whether team members have been here five years or more than 50, they’ve touched the lives of our patients and their families.

This year’s CoxHealth Employee Recognition Banquet will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 17, at the University Plaza Convention Center in Springfield. The evening will include dinner, employee recognition and the presentation of service awards. 

Each year at the Employee Recognition Banquet, CoxHealth honors the employees who have gone above and beyond in demonstrating Partners behaviors. The best of the year’s Partners Spirit Award winners are recognized as Prestigious Partners. Check out the 2014 winners below:

Russ Weller, Corporate Communications

Russ Weller was recognized for stopping on a hot day last summer to help a woman with a stalled car at the intersection of National and Primrose. The woman had run out of gasoline; Russ went to a gas station and returned to fill up the car so it could be moved.

After helping the woman, Russ noticed a police officer who had parked his motorcycle and was leaning against a tree near the intersection. Worried something was wrong, he asked if the officer was OK. After a brief conversation and realizing the officer might need some help, Weller brought fluids to the officer and stayed with him to make sure he was OK in the heat.

Ryan Sigle, Cath Lab, Cox Branson

Ryan Sigle received the Prestigious Partners recognition for his efforts to make sure a deceased patient’s wife received her husband’s personal belongings. The patient had a massive heart attack and arrived as a post-code, in very unstable condition to the Branson ER. During an emergency procedure in the Cardiac Cath Lab, the patient coded a second time. Staff members worked to resuscitate him, but the efforts were unsuccessful.

As the physician and chaplain informed the patient’s wife about the loss of her husband, she requested his personal belongings, including his watch, wedding ring and wallet. At first, the items could not be found. During the rapid preparations for the Cath Lab procedure, the patient’s clothing had been cut off and discarded due to being soiled. By the time this was discovered, the clothing and a bag containing the items had already made it to the large trash container outside the hospital. Determined to find the items, Ryan searched the trash until he had the mementos in hand. His efforts ensured that the patient’s wife had her husband’s belongings in her possession when she left the hospital.

Kevin Lasater and David Lunsford, Pre-Hospital
Kevin and David were returning from a call when they noticed a car on the side of the interstate with its flashers on. Concerned, they turned around. When they got to the vehicle, they found a woman sitting beside the road crying. They asked if they could help and if she was alone. They quickly learned she was deaf and speech-impaired. She was from Oklahoma City and had no means of calling for help. One tire on the car had blown out, so Kevin and David put on the spare tire and made sure she was able to travel on to her destination.