Thursday, March 6, 2014

CoxHealth Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals selected as charity of choice by Wendy’s of Missouri

For immediate release
Mar. 6, 2014

Wendy’s of Missouri, Inc., has selected Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals at CoxHealth as its charity of choice for 2014. As a corporation that cares deeply for the welfare of children, Wendy’s of Missouri will raise funds throughout the year at each of its 34 locations to assist local children suffering from injuries and illnesses.

“By partnering with Children’s Miracle Network we look forward to having a greater impact on the lives of children in our community,” says Chuck Ocarz, president of Wendy’s of Missouri, Inc. “We anticipate great things to come from this partnership in 2014.”

“We are humbled and grateful that we were selected as Wendy’s of Missouri’s charity of choice for 2014,” says Tim Siebert, executive director of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals at CoxHealth. “We depend on the generosity of businesses, individuals, foundations and organizations to bring hope and healing to children who might otherwise go without the medical attention they desperately need. We thank Wendy’s of Missouri for the care and compassion they are sharing with the children and families we serve.”

About Wendy’s of Missouri, Inc.: Wendy's of Missouri, Inc., is a Wendy’s franchisee owned by the Hamra Family and operated by Hamra Enterprises. Headquartered in Springfield, Mo., the company has eight locations in Springfield, four locations in Kansas City, three locations in Branson, two locations in Jefferson City and Columbia, and one location each in Bolivar, Ozark, Nixa, Lebanon, St. Robert, Rolla, Fulton, Lake Ozark, Clinton, Republic, Sedalia, Harrisonville, Warrensburg, Liberty and Platte City.

About CMN Hospitals at CoxHealth: CoxHealth underwrites the administrative expenses of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals at CoxHealth, allowing 100 percent of donations and proceeds to be used to help local kids with medical needs. To donate to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, visit one of the Wendy’s locations listed above, or call (417) 269-5437.