Friday, May 24, 2013

CoxHealth and Price Cutter announce new partnership

Dietitians to offer cooking classes and supermarket tours at Price Cutter 

CoxHealth and Price Cutter are pleased to announce a new partnership designed to provide the local community the opportunity to engage with dietitians during cooking classes and supermarket tours. 

Every month a dietitian with CoxHealth will offer a cooking class at Price Cutter’s Taste Culinary Classroom, located within the Price Cutter at 2021 W. Republic Road in Springfield. This month’s class is scheduled for Thursday, May 23, at 6 p.m. Jason Bauer, RD/LD, MHA, will teach the class entitled “Flavor-Packed Culinary Bundles and Wraps.” 

“Although many people might think a cooking class taught by a dietitian is going to be all about what you can’t eat, that’s not my approach at all,” emphasized Bauer, who is Manager of Corporate & Employee Wellness at CoxHealth. 

“The ingredients I’ll be using, such as Greek yogurt, basil pesto, bell peppers, cheese, avocado, shrimp and fresh mint, all bring color, texture and great flavor to the three dishes I’ll be preparing. This is food you’ll enjoy eating because, first and foremost, it tastes great. But you’ll also feel good about eating it because it’s wholesome and healthy.” 

Shoppers interested in learning how to navigate the supermarket so they can make healthier food choices for their families, can sign up for a supermarket tour led by CoxHealth registered dietitian, Donna Webb. The tour takes place on Tuesday, June 11, at 3 p.m., and lasts one hour. It will be conducted at the same Republic Road Price Cutter. 

“I’ve been leading supermarket tours for some time and people just bring their shopping carts with them as we walk through the different aisles. By keeping the tours at just eight people, everyone feels comfortable asking questions about different products and sharing recipe ideas,” said Webb. “We really have a lot of fun, and Price Cutter stores offer such product variety. Eating healthier really begins with selecting the right ingredients and they do a great job of offering products that are on the cutting edge from a nutrition perspective, such as coconut oil.” 

The newly forged partnership not only provides the ideal venue for CoxHealth dietitians to educate consumers on product selection and preparation, it brings nutrition expertise to Price Cutter shoppers. 
“I’m very pleased to be partnering with the dietitians at CoxHealth. It enables us to bring experts in healthier eating to our shoppers who we know are very interested in providing quick and easy nutritious meals for their families,” noted Larry Hayward, Executive Vice President for Price Cutter. 

“We already offer the NuVal program which scores products based on their nutritional value. The CoxHealth cooking classes and tours are just the next step in assisting our shoppers interested in eating healthier.” 

“Plus both companies are locally owned; we have an established reputation for supporting local businesses in our community which our shoppers appreciate.” 

The cost of participating in either the CoxHealth sponsored cooking class or supermarket tour is $10 per person. For more information and to register, visit