Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Certified tobacco treatment specialist to lead cessation class in Branson

Cox Medical Center Branson has a new tobacco cessation program. It will be led by Jim Brawner, Community Educator, Cox Branson. Brawner is a Mayo Clinic certified tobacco treatment specialist and is certified through the American Lung Association (ALA) as a Freedom from Smoking Facilitator.  

“Certification ensures the class has access to the latest nicotine replacement treatment strategies, research and professionals to help build an individual plan,” says Brawner. “In addition, many insurance companies will reimburse for tobacco cessation services provided by a certified tobacco treatment specialist.” 

CMCB is proud to work with Skaggs Foundation to provide this needed program. The Taney County Health Department’s Health Needs Assessment in 2012 identified tobacco use as a top health risk with more than 30-percent of Taney County residents admitting to lighting up. 

“Smoking cessation classes help smokers and nonsmokers,” explains Brawner. “Secondhand smoke kills 53,000 nonsmoking Americans yearly by causing disease and cancer. By helping smokers kick the habit, we’re helping everyone in the community.” 

The program is possible thanks to a $493,000 grant from Missouri Foundation for Health that will be distributed over the next five years. A portion of the grant will provide for scholarships and financial assistance to offset the cost of the seven-week cessation class and nicotine replacement therapy. 

For more information about the smoking cessation class, visit CoxHealth.com/Branson and click on Wellness. To register for the program, call 417/335-7733, option 1.