Monday, September 24, 2012

Walmart and Sam’s Club associates, customers and members raise $253,438 for CMN Hospitals at CoxHealth

It was a record-breaking year as a total of $253,438 was raised locally in the annual Walmart and Sam’s Club six-week fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals at CoxHealth. CoxHealth is the only CMN Hospitals-affiliated facility in the Springfield area.

Walmart and Sam’s Club associates, customers and members together raised the campaign’s biggest total ever, mostly $1 at a time, with donations taken at the register and all proceeds going to CMN Hospitals at CoxHealth. 

The total marks a 37 percent increase over the 2011 campaign. 

“We are grateful for the generosity of people in our community and the passion of the Walmart and Sam’s Club associates,” said Tim Siebert, executive director of CMN Hospitals at CoxHealth. “Taken together, small gifts add up and can really make a positive impact for the children and families we serve.” 

CMN Hospitals at CoxHealth uses funds raised for urgent needs including equipment purchases, research and education. Assistance is also provided to children for prosthetics, wheelchairs, leg braces, hearing aids, prescriptions, hospital bills and travel expenses for doctor’s appointments. 2012 marks the 25th year Walmart and Sam’s Club have been raising funds for CMN Hospitals. 

“We know it helps children in our local community and that is what is important,” said Jill Lesh, personnel coordinator at the South Campbell Walmart in Springfield, Mo. “We even have Walmart and Sam’s Club associates whose friends and family members have been helped through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.” 

This year’s fundraising campaign was record-breaking on a national level as well, with more than $41 million raised for all of the hospitals associated with the charity nationwide.